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  • Small turbochargers are used to power private fishing boats and pleasure craft.
  • Large turbochargers used for large merchant ships and military applications.
  • Diesel-electric propulsion systems used to reduce environmental impact.
  • Services available at ports around the world through Napier’s global network.
  • Overlaps with oil and gas market - turbos used on LNG carriers, offshore rigs and rig support vessels.
From small pleasure craft to large industrial vessels, our turbochargers are used to power marine vessels of all different sizes and applications.

The larger products in our range are used on cruise ships, product tankers, chemical tankers and military marine coastguard vessels. These large merchant and military applications are the foundation of our work in the marine market, but we also provide smaller turbos to power pleasure craft such as fishing boats.

Service centres around the world are ideally located to provide regular maintenance services when marine vessels come into port and will be factory trained to enable the best standard of work is carried out.

Which turbocharger is right for you?

From main engine to auxiliary power, from fishing boats to oil tankers: all our turbochargers are used for different applications across the marine sector.

Main Engine Auxiliary

Power generation using Napier Turbochargers

To supply the air to the cylinders of an engine there are two possibilities, one naturally aspiration or forced induction. The forced induction forces more air into the cylinders allowing a significant improvement in the power-to-weight ratio for the engine. A turbocharger can be employed to force more air into the engine. A turbocharger employs a centrifugal compressor connected to a turbine wheel on a common shaft. The compressor is driven via the turbine wheel using part of the energy contained within the exhaust gases to compress the air into the cylinders.

The chart shows a typical performance increase for an engine fitted with a turbocharger.

Turbocharger graph red blue
Marine 1
Marine 2
Marine 3

Know your turbochargers

We design and manufacturer turbochargers for many different applications, from the small TNX range to the huge and powerful two-stage products. The table below provides specifications for turbochargers from across our range, including Power Range (KW), Engine Speed and Fuel Type.

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