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7 Series designed for success

  • Proven reliability with long service intervals for lower cost of operation
  • Suitable for high-altitude and high-ambient installations
  • Complies with all marine and land-based legislation
  • Compatible with all fuel types, for ultimate flexibility
  • Can be tailored for use in marine, power generation and rail applications
  • Fully supported by our world-class global service network
Today's range is designed to provide customers with flexible, cost-effective solutions that can be tailored to specific requirements and are fully supported by our global service network.

7 Series

Product Statistics

When it was first introduced, the 7 Series represented combining market-leading pressure ratio and efficiency levels with excellent reliability due to an innovative layout and bearing design. Since then, new variants have been continually developed in response to customer demands for ever-increasing pressure ratio and flow capabilities.

7 Series Table data
7 Series Table graph
7 Series capacity data
7 Series capacity data
7 Series compressor-map data

7 Series

Turbocharger Performance

Wide compressor map thanks to anti-surge technology allowing peak efficiency operation in different applications, with increased surge margin eliminating the risk of surge during operation.

High levels of efficiency thanks to 3D CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) design of all components making up the aerodynamic elements. Peak efficiency areas can be tailored to specific requirements and applications, such as part or full-load optimisation.

Retrofit of engines to achieve IMO11 requirements, reducing emissions and fuel consumption while maintaining the same installation of the earlier 7 Series. Can be tailored to older engines operating with lower pressure ratios while improving efficiencies.

7 series isometric cutaway

7 Series

Turbocharger Reliability & Cost of Ownership

Long service life under all conditions and duties thanks to fabricated nozzle ring designed for high efficiency and excellent resilience to thermal transients.

Longer lasting components achieved using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) testing to identify high stress points which have then been designed out.

Lower fuel consumption achieved thanks to ability to move peak efficiency point along the range, reducing cost for your operation.

Extensive Field Experience 7 Series turbochargers have been operating in the field since 1998 and have accumulated more than 20 million cumulative running hours.

Serviceability The 7 series is designed for ease of service and utilises the proven cartridge concept.

7 series side cutaway

7 Series

Turbocharger Flexibility

Fuel Flexibility has been integrated into the design philosophy from conception, capability to run on Heavy Fuel Oil has been proven through rigorous field testing and analysis. The 7 series also has Extensive experience running on a variety of gas fuels including natural gas, LNG, landfill.

Operational Flexibility is key to the success of the 7 series, with the ability to operate with both constant and pulse pressure systems, matching engine requirements. Altitude capability and wide-ranging temperature capability without derating has been a feature from introduction.

7 series side

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