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NT2 Range Innovation

  • Innovative two-stage technology.
  • High pressure ratio and efficiency.
  • Designed to meet current and future IMO diesel engine requirements.
  • Suitable for high-altitude and high-ambient installations
  • Future proofed for all fuel types, for ultimate flexibility
Our NT2 engines have the highest pressure ratios and efficiencies to meet current and future legislative demands.


Product Statistics

With the highest pressure ratios available combined with high efficiency to allow customers the opportunity to design engines with more power and greater efficiency than ever before.

NT2 Table data
NT2 Table graph
NT2 capacity data
NT2 compressor-map data


Turbocharger Performance

Very High Pressure Ratios can be achieved when compared to single stage products significantly improving the potential for higher power density for a given engine.

Wide Operating Range The use of Two Stage turbocharging allows for high efficiency to be achieved across a wide operating range vastly improving fuel efficiency at low loads without compromising full load efficiency

High levels of efficiency thanks to combination of “Two Stage” turbocharging, much higher efficiencies can be resulting in reduced fuel consumption and improving emissions.

Nt2 series isometric cutaway


Turbocharger Reliability & Cost of Ownership

Long Time Between Overhauls under all conditions and duties has been the philosophy of the Napier Two Stage product range reducing the TCO for operators.

Longer lasting components when compared two single stage turbochargers which will further reduce the total cost of ownership of the Napier Two Stage systems.

Lowest possible fuel consumption achieved thanks to ability to move peak efficiency point along the range, reducing cost for your operation.

Serviceability The NT2 series is designed for ease of service and incorporates the latest cartridge removal concept developed for the TS products.

Nt2 series side cutaway


Turbocharger Flexibility

Fuel Flexibility has been integrated into the design philosophy from conception, capability to run on Heavy Fuel Oil as well as design consideration for future fuels such as future green fuels such as Ammonia and Hydrogen have been included from the outset.

Nt2 series both

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