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Driving toward a sustainable future

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Sustainability report

When Wabtec began our journey as one Wabtec, we did so with the goal of being more than just a profitable company, but a company that moves and improves the world. The challenges of the last few years - from the COVID epidemic, to increased awareness of social and racial justice issues, to the worsening climate crisis - have presented us with the opportunity to show the good we can do when we live up to our purpose.

This week Wabtec released our 2021 Sustainability Report, which outlines the ways we are contributing to a better, more sustainable world through three principles:

Innovating with Purpose. We are committed to developing responsible and sustainable products that minimize the impact on the planet.

Driving Responsible Operations. We are committed to providing safe work environments and products that enable productive and efficient use of resources.

Empowering People and Communities. We are committed to driving an inclusive culture grounded in integrity, committed to the development of and investment in the communities where our teams live and work.

Posted 15th November, 2021