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The highest standards in performance and safety

General News

Napier Turbochargers are committed to the highest standards in performance, efficiency and safety. This ongoing commitment to excellence is reflected across both OEM products and our range of genuine Napier spare parts. All Napier spare parts are manufactured to the latest specifications using the same manufacturing processes as OEM products as well as the latest in modern material development techniques.

Napier R&D includes extensive research and testing on non-genuine parts and the effects these have on engine performance. Back to back testing comparing genuine and non genuine parts conducted at the Napier factory has shown a reduction in turbocharger efficiency when utilising non genuine parts, with higher exhaust gas temperatures and higher BSFC.

For end users, attempts to correct the receiver pressure would regain some of the fuel consumption and reduce the Turbine Inlet temperature. However the inherent reduction in turbocharger efficiency cannot be regained and a significantly increased turbocharger speed will be incurred.

Depending on the operation of the engine, this will likely lead to hitting turbocharger speed alarms and a reduction in the impeller life. Increased exhaust gas temperatures will reduce engine and turbocharger component lives and increase emissions.

Genuine Napier spares are produced to the highest tolerances in geometry conformity and material properties. We frequently conduct simulations using a specialist test rig at our Lincoln production facility to ensure conformity to a strict set of tolerances. This commitment to the highest standards in performance and safety provides our Customers with the best in terms of product lifespan, compressor performance and fuel efficiency.

Napier's comprehensive certification process ensures that only official replacement components can deliver the high levels of performance that our Customers expect. So when buying replacement components, insist on choosing genuine Napier spares.

Posted 7th February, 2012