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  • At the cutting edge of turbocharger technology
  • Designed to meet current and future engine requirements
  • Complies with all marine and land-based legislation
  • Wide range of applications, from private use to large industrial operations
  • Can be tailored for your requirements
  • Fully supported by our world-class global service network
Napier turbochargers run on fuels ranging from marine diesel oil and natural gas to varying qualities of HFO and landfill gas. You will find them across the globe, providing reliable performance in some of the most arduous environmental conditions year after year.
7 series side

7 Series

  • NA297
  • NA307
  • NA357
  • NA397
View the 7 Series
Nt1 series side

NT1 Series

  • NT1-10
  • NT1-12
View the NT1
Nt2 series both

NT2 Series (Two-Stage)

  • NT2-26
  • NT2-28
View the NT2

Know your turbochargers

We design and manufacturer turbochargers for many different applications, from the small NTR range to the huge and powerful two-stage products. The table below provides specifications for turbochargers from across our range, including Power Range (KW), Engine Speed and Fuel Type.

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